How to find the right plumber and why you should choose Abrik

Finding the right plumber for the job

It can be hard to find the right plumber or roofer for the job. You need a company who is trustworthy and reliable, who uses good quality materials and has the highest workmanship standards.

Although Abrik as a company is relatively young, Abrik’s Plumbing team is very experienced. With the team previously holding senior positions within Plumbing and Roofing companies, completing tens of thousands of hours of work between them.

Here are our top tips for finding the right Plumber for the job.

Ask family and friends

Nothing beats a personal referral. Ask family, friends, neighbors and business associates which plumbing company they use. If they have faith in them, they should be happy to recommend a reputable plumber in the area to you.

Look online

A quick google search is a great way to find a plumber local to your area. Service focused websites such as HiPages also allow you to read up to date reviews and check licences and insurance certificates. Check out Abrik on HiPages:

Check licences and certifications

Licensing of trade contractors was introduced to protect you from unskilled and unqualified tradespeople. Hiring licensed Plumbers and Roofers helps to ensure that your home improvement job or project goes smoothly. Ask the tradesperson to show you their licences and insurance details, before work starts. All tradespeople in Queensland should have a QBCC Licence at a minimum.

Why choose Abrik?

Abrik is a professional plumbing company, with a mandate on employing kids in need and supporting them through apprenticeships and other roles within the organization.

We are a family business with core values of ‘integrity’, ‘reliability’ and ‘community’. We want to build long term relationships and partnerships, where our apprentices can learn the satisfaction of quality work and the value of looking after our clients and being trusted that ‘what you say is what you will do’.

Our goal is to put our passion for a better future, behind every job we complete.

Whether you’re planning a renovation, or simply need routine plumbing or roofing maintenance on your home or business, Abrik has you covered. Our professional team of qualified tradesmen are fully insured, quality & workmanship guaranteed, and committed to providing only the best customer satisfaction on every job we undertake.

Abrik are also part of the Master Builders association and we are connected with the industries leading suppliers, so you can be confident that we stand behind every product we install.

Engage Abrik for your next Plumbing or Roofing Job

Abrik is focused on providing our very best service to the Greater Brisbane Region, from the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast; but we are excited to work regionally throughout Queensland on the right projects, where we know our passion can make a real difference.

Why talking about Mental Health in the trades industry is so important

Being a tradie is a physically demanding job. It’s normal for tradies to try and keep in shape and of course discuss physical health and fitness. Some might get into a weights or fitness competition at the local gym. But is mental health discussed as much as it should be? We think it should be discussed more often amongst tradies.

Showing emotions and discussing struggles is still not commonplace within the trades community unfortunately. But, discussing these struggles is just as important as staying fit in the gym. Looking after your mental and physical health is key to not only enjoying your life outside of work and feeling overall happier, but also for doing your job well.

Why is it important to talk about mental health in the trades industry?

Here are some key statistics:

  • Tradies/construction workers and ‘blue collar’ careers, have some of the highest suicide rate in Australia amongst men.
  • One in six of us will experience mental health issues such as anxiety, stress and depression at some point in our lives.

Why would tradies struggle with mental health?

For the qualified tradesperson, there can be a lot of pressure placed on managers and supervisors to work hard. Long hours, physically demanding tasks in often unforgiving weather conditions can leave tradesmen feeling burnt out and disconnected from friends, family and themselves. Thus, resulting in a poor work/life balance.

For apprentices, sometimes combining the intense learning at TAFE with learning on the job, a bunch of new workmates and some long hours, it can all feel a bit much.

So what are the consequences if we don’t discuss our mental health problems?

Ignoring and not dealing with mental health issues can manifest itself in many ways. Including relationship breakdowns, bad financial decisions, alcohol and drug abuse, just to name a few. ‘Sucking it up’ because it’s the manly thing to do can lead men to become withdrawn, angry, anxious and depressed.

What you can do if you’re struggling with your mental health and how you can help others:

Talk to someone:

Easier said than done when you feel low. Talk to a workmate or a trusted friend. If you’re ready, talk to a professional. It’s so important to get it off your chest and not bottle up your concerns.

If you notice a mate at work who might be struggling, find the time to ask them about how they’re feeling and if everything is ok. Swap the “you’ll be right mate” for “want to have a quick chat?” or “Is everything ok? I’ve noticed you’ve been struggling a bit.”

Educate yourself:

Take note and be aware of mental health conditions, warning signs, symptoms and available support services can be extremely beneficial, for you and your work mates.

Getting help and support early is the best thing you can do.


Mens Line Australia – 1300 78 99 78

Mates in Construction – 1300 642 111

Lifeline – 13 11 14

Beyond Blue – 1300 22 4636


HALT  (Hope Assistance Local Tradies)–

Incolink Blue Hats Suicide Prevention Initiative –

Mates in Construction –

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We are in the middle of the wet season and if you haven’t cleaned your gutters yet then there is no time like the present.
Cleaning out your gutters may feel like a hassle, but getting the job done twice a year will go a long way toward helping you avoid water damage all over your home, especially at your roofline.

More than Just a Clogged Drain

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DIY Ways to Unclog a Toilet

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