DIY Ways to Unclog a Toilet

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DIY Ways to Unclog a Toilet

They happen to the best of us. Toilet clogs are just a fact of life and normally happen at the most inconvenient times. And while your trusted local plumbers will always be there for you, there is no need to panic, this is often a job you can take care of yourself. All it takes are a few household supplies and a little know-how.

What causes a toilet to be clogged?

A clogged toilet is usually caused by a few common culprits. The most common causes include:

  • Too much toilet paper
  • Foreign objects such as female hygiene products, children’s toys, cotton wool balls, or baby wipes
  • Worn down and older pipes
  • Tree roots that have interrupted your pipes
Take the Plunge

If you don’t have a plunger in your home, a clogged toilet is the universe’s way of telling you it’s time to go buy one. In the event your toilet overflows, having a plunger handy can save you from a flooded bathroom. A plunger is an inexpensive household item, so take advantage of the opportunity, head down to Bunnings or your local hardware shop and choose a durable rubber plunger.

Be sure to get a tight fit at the bottom of the bowl, plunge as vigorously as possible without splashing, and loosing suction. After doing this a few times, release the suction by pulling the handle with force, and with a little luck, you will be flushing again in no time. If this doesn’t work, repeat the process.

The Model Volcano Method

Don’t worry, this won’t erupt — but the ingredients that make model volcanoes magic, baking soda and vinegar, also make a great toilet clog cleaner. It’s cheaper and gentler on your plumbing than chemical cleaners, and the key ingredients are probably in your pantry right now.

Bring a large pot of water to a simmering boil, then allow it to cool for five minutes. Add one cup of baking soda to your toilet bowl, followed by two cups of vinegar. Pour the water in, taking care to not overflow the bowl, and allow the mixture to work for several hours. If the clog doesn’t prove too tough, you’re back in business.

Fetch the Snake

If you have access to a plumbing snake, you have what you need to tackle some of the most stubborn clogs. There are variations among models, but the basic concept is universal — feed the flexible end of the snake into the toilet drain and gentle turn the handle to extend the snake further into the drain. Keep turning until you feel resistance, this means you have reached the clog. Then twist the snake handle and move it back and forth to break up and dislodge the obstruction. When you feel less resistance reel the snake back and place any rubbish into the bucket. Now flush the toilet and if the clog has not disappeared then repeat the steps again.

Just be sure you’re not using a snake that’s too large for your toilet, and take your time when extracting the flexible end. Take it out too quickly, and you could fling dirty water all over the bathroom.

Before you start using any of these techniques please lay down some old towels on the floor around the toilet and it’s good to have a bucket and cleaning gloves within reach.

Call the Pros

If these methods fail, or if you just want someone else to do the clog-clearing, you can always call your licensed, local plumbers at 0428315005, we have specialized equipment and are trained to clear the most difficult blockages. We’ll do the dirty work so you don’t have to!