Abrik provides real work opportunities for South East Queensland’s disadvantaged youth

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Abrik provides real work opportunities for South East Queensland’s disadvantaged youth

There is no doubting the devastating impact of the COVID-19 economic recession has had on people aged 15 to 24. The employment, higher education, and social pathways of young people have changed dramatically, with Australia’s youngest workers now facing their most dire employment prospects in recent history.

Research from the Australian Bureau of statistics saw the November 2020 youth unemployment rate was 15.6 percent, more than double the national average of 6.8 percent. Unemployment is even more acute for young Indigenous Australians who have an unemployment rate of 20.7 percent.

Abrik provides a future for South East Queensland’s disadvantaged youth.

Abrik currently hires a number of Plumbing and Roofing apprentices, who work alongside Abrik’s professional and experienced Plumbers and Roofers. Our apprentices are disadvantaged youth who come from various backgrounds, but all share similar goals – a want for a better future and secure ongoing employment.

Not only is Abrik providing a wage and important skills for life for our apprentices, Abrik is also providing our apprentices with a daily routine, treasured friendships and most importantly, a future. It really is “a trade, for good”.

Why choose Abrik for your Plumbing and Roofing maintenance?

Abrik is not like any other Plumbing and Roofing company. By using Abrik, not only are you helping keep Australia’s youth employed, but you can have great pride knowing that you have provided optimism for the people who need it most, our youth.

Abrik’s goal is to put our passion for a better future, behind every job we complete.

Abrik has partnered with JT Youth Jobs and the JT Academy to provide a future for disadvantaged youth. You can read more about JT Youth Jobs here: https://jtyouthjobs.com.au/